Buying a house despite debt

Buying a house despite the debt. If he does not invest money but repays his debts, for example. If you are a low-paid, buying a home suddenly seems affordable. However, my mother is retired and has debts from home buying. To carry alone, the bank still holds the ex-wife in liability. Even without liabilities – such as a home purchase – this can become a commodity.

Hello, yesterday’s conversation with a friend, whether it is possible to acquire a holiday home, although you still have debts for the existing apartment. I bought a holiday apartment about a year ago and still have a residual debt of 108,000, which is currently rented and actually pays off, only having to pay about 40 USD each day.

About me: I am married, get 1900 USD net and my wife 1500 USD net. We have no more debts. I would go over the funds with my bank. How high the burden of the apartment is still, is not known. If there is only a residual debt of 20 ‘, then you have a lot of own funds.

Separation despite high debts due to house purchases etc.


Separation despite high debts by buying a house etc. Hello, two years ago we have acquired a building in need of renovation. He can not manage the house alone. The EU pension alone is not enough for me. You could sell the building, but you would probably have to calculate high damage and the small loans would remain open.

Be open about this and try to sell it at a reasonable cost. If necessary, the remaining debts are then primarily managed by the person who still has income.

There is a suspicion that the building is both property (land register) and both are in solidarity and solidarity for the loans. To act with the lenders and possibly get a repayment pause would be best, then you have a little more financial room to maneuver and time to sell the building a little better.

This is an over-indebted building that nobody can accommodate


“Hello sandy 2210, If you could rent the house well (serious tenant), and you both each have a small apartment for yourself? Through.” “The building (RH) has been completely renovated except for two basements, although we bought the house relatively cheaply for this area, we had to invest enormous sums of money because new and unforeseen difficulties arose.

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