Reorganization of the debt burden

Reorganization of the debt burden. Debt Repayment The existing loan contract for your home or condominium expires. Public debt and debt problems. Debt rescheduling not so easy! Rescheduling not so easy! In the process, many of the consumers acquired from debt rescheduling became, for, the new problem customer bank.

The causal problem of the degradation of company results is only solved in the context of rarity cases by debt restructuring. The credit institutions, therefore, ensure that repayment of the loans is also guaranteed by the credit institutions.

To repay debt, a consolidation concept with understandable

To repay debt, a consolidation concept with understandable

Internal measures including detailed budgeting are required. The Austrian credit institutions were also affected by the insolvency code and the permanent jurisdiction.

The existing shortfall in coverage, combined with the senator’s desire to reorganize the insolvent companies, resulted in substantial shortfalls in coverage. Domestic banks have therefore switched to safekeeping if new credits are to be allocated.

The specialized departments of the credit institutes for about that with up to approx. 80% of the business conduct for the erroneous developments in the enterprise.

This is not a problem for large corporations

This is not a problem for large corporations

Management personnel are exchanged. For these companies, rescheduling is therefore much more complicated. Therefore, if a small entrepreneur wants to reschedule, he has to use a lot of energy to wash his entrepreneurial personality into arguments.

In addition, the banks have obviously acknowledged that they spend far more time on their problem customers than on good customers; with problem customers, however, they can achieve much less return. This is often of great use to credit institutions. In this context, there is a unique opportunity for companies in an economically difficult situation: If is willing to reschedule, it is under certain conditions also encouraged to grant a discount and waive part of the claim.

However, rescheduling should not be your first and certainly not your last step if your business is not doing well.

Legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings and rescheduling (extrajudicial legal protection and legal proceedings)

The liquidator is a set of activities that allow you to complete an unsuccessful phase of your life or a business activity to start all over again. It is important not only for the creditors but also for the debtor, that bankruptcy proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings) are expeditious, effective and error-free. It is best to consult a designated bankruptcy specialist.

If the results of the company’s performance


Or other circumstances point to future financial problems and bankruptcies, this is the first time that consideration has been given to how to take advantage of the debt restructuring (legal remedy). This is a way to protect the company from the intervention of creditors, as it may negatively impact the further trading activities of the company or bring the company to a complete standstill.

Legal protection and out-of-court redress procedures help you resolve short-term financial problems when there is clarity about what the cause of the situation is and what planning you must follow to get out of the situation.

It is therefore important for the creditors that the creditor does not abuse the legal protection process and that his endeavor is to fulfill the legal obligations as far as possible and to continue the business activities.

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